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Sa. 26.02.16 Konzert: Ruins + Majak

Ruins (Punk/DBeat/Hardcore):
Mayak(We are four dudes who planned a stoner band which ended up in some furious metallic hardcorepunk noise with lots of thrashy caboom and influences of different blablabla.):

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09.02. Konzert: lobster lobster + Til Schweiger must die & die Sky Du Monts

Til Schweiger must die & die Sky Du Monts( Proto-/Post-/No-Punk, Freiburg)
“There is an asshole in germany, they call him til schweiger. he ruined movies since a lot of years, and so he must die” (Frank Sinatra)
Eine Band der klaren Worte: ja zu Bier, nein zu Bullen, ja zum Sofa, nein zu Til Schweiger. [...]

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